How To Play Blackjack Online

If you have always wanted to play blackjack but did not know how, you can learn how to play this game easily online.  When you play casino blackjack, you are playing a card game against the dealer, not against the other players who are also at the table.  You want to get as close to 21 when adding up your cards as possible without going over.  If you can do this in two cards, then you have blackjack and will win.  If the dealer has blackjack, however, then you will not win.  This is the basic concept of the game.  Most of the time, the dealer will not have blackjack.

When you play casino blackjack, you have to be able to add up your cards. You are dealt two cards, one up and one down.  You then take a look and see what number your cards add up to.  You cannot go over 21 with two cards and an ace can be high, counting as 11 or low, counting as one.  In most cases, you will get cards that will be close to 12.  The dealer has rules where he has to keep on getting cards if he has anything less than 15 or 14 in some casino blackjack tables.  You should check out the blackjack rules before you play regarding the casino.  Most of the time, the dealer will have to continue to get more cards if he has 14 or less.  This can put him over if he deals himself a 10 and then everyone wins.  The cards that the dealer gets are face up so everyone can see them.

The rule of thumb when playing blackjack is to hold at 13.  You do not want to take a chance of going over and there is a good chance that the dealer may go over 21, which is called going bust, and then pay out.  Very few people will take chances when they are playing blackjack and take more cards when they get up to 13 or 14 in their hand.  The dealer will have to stay at 17, so if you have 18 in your hand, you have an excellent chance of winning the game.  You can usually count on winning two out of every three hands of casino blackjack if you play conservatively.

You can play blackjack right online and test your luck. You can split up your cards if you have two tens, which many people do in order to double their luck, or double down as well if you have an ace.  You can learn how to be a real pro when playing casino blackjack right online and have fun at the same time.  This will not only enable you to win money when you are playing blackjack online, but it will also give you more confidence if you are playing casino blackjack at an off line casino as well.  You can learn how to play the game and never be intimidated again at a blackjack table at any casino when you play online.