Oklahoma blackjack info?


Oklahoma blackjack info?
How can I find out which Indian casinos in Oklahoma do NOT charge an ante? Most of them charge an ante (a small per-hand fee, typically $1 or less), but a few have spans of hours or days every week in which they do NOT charge an ante. Can you tell me what times and which casinos these are?

Am I getting this right?
Can I use the Samsung Blackjack as my mp3/video player? I’m considering getting a new Samsung Blackjack as a mp3 player for commuting/general travel. I can get it for 75 bucks from cingular and apparently a 2gb microsd card is only about 30, so I can have a nice, fully featured mp3 player/organizer/nice new phone for 100 dollars. My question to the askmefi audience is if there’s a potential downside I’m missing here. Does anyone have experience with the blackjack? Is the audio output good enough for semi-regular mp3 usage? Will I be able to install some sort of codec package to play my downloaded tv shows? I think it uses Windows Mobile 5, so are there any equivalents of vlc media player for WM5? I guess general impressions are welcome too. I’ve read the cnet review, and they seemed largely impressed, with the only potential downside in that there’s no wi-fi (hey – I’d love to skip this question and go for an iphone – but I don’t have 500 bucks to spare). Thanks all.

How can I keep from looking like a big dummy at the blackjack table?
In a few months, I’m heading to Las Vegas for a conference. I am absolutely not a gambler, but figure I’ll spend an hour or two checking out some of the gaudiest casinos and maybe playing some slots. But, for some reason, I also have an urge to try playing blackjack. My question is twofold: 1. What can I expect from the blackjack-playing experience? I’ve only played slots before and have never interacted with anyone at a casino. How can I keep from looking like an idiot? 2. Any recommended resources for basic blackjack strategy?