Popular Casino Games & Tips For Scoring A Win

Hundreds of books have been written about tricks and methods to enhance a player’s chances in the online casino. While some of these have become classics, the bad news for players is that in all games the house always holds an advantage. After all, someone needs to pay the croupier’s wages and keep the lights on! When it comes to casinos there’s two types of player.


The majority of guests who will play different games across the pit floor, and the single game aficionados. In most cases the genuine experts are the letter type of player, who in some cases will have spent decades creating their own style of play. In this article we’ll take a look at which of the popular games found in every casino offers players the best odds of winning.




Interestingly enough this casino classic offers players not just the best margin against the house, but is also incredibly easy to play. Most calculations suggest a mere 0.5% favor to the casino. However there’s most certainly an art and expertise to taking Blackjack to this fine a level. It amounts to calculating not only the odds of what cards the player holds, but also those at hand to the house. Most experts suggest that while the onus is on the player to always go first, this is a game actually played best defensively. This being said anyone can win a lot of money with Blackjack even without a clue of the subtle strategies inherent to the game.




Another incredibly accessible game that anyone can play – but again one where a little strategic thought can go a long way. Statistically the safest bet is to choose a color – depending upon whether playing the 00 American wheel or single 0 European version, this offers the most pragmatic bet with the lowest return. However if the ball lands on a single number the odds are an amazing 35-1 return. Strategically – and psychologically speaking – the best tactic is always to stay on the same numbers/selection over the gaming session. Yet perhaps more than other game – when you’re ahead it’s time to run for the hills because roulette has a habit of being a cruel mistress to lady luck.


Classic Craps


Craps is a game that comes in and out of fashion, and can seem rather daunting to those playing the game for the first time. However at heart it’s a relatively simple game that offers pretty good odds if actually approached from a very basic level. A simple easy strategy is to bet on pass or no pass as this offers nearly parity in terms of odds. Watch a few games before starting out to get a flavor for how the game is played.


Slots & Video Poker


Many people love a session at the slots. The modern games are a million miles away from the old school one armed bandits, but you’ll find that experienced players approach these games with a very clear strategy. It’s basically all about walking away with something left in your pocket! Approach a single machine and stick with it. Each time you win – keep that money apart and under no circumstances gamble it again. Over the course of a session most of the time the player will win or lose a little.